The Invention of ROAV - World's Thinnest Foldable Sunglass

The Invention of ROAV - World's Thinnest Foldable Sunglass

It all came from a very simple idea - “Can we reinvent foldable glasses?”
Foldable sunglass was alway great idea. However the folding eyewear products in the market are not always pocketable, and we thought improving this function alone will make a real difference.

ROAV folded versus Raybans or other eyewear
[Comparing other folding sunglasses with ours.]
How did we do it?
Screwless Hinge Sunglass

Micro Screwless Hinges
ROAV’s products are screwless. Instead, we have patented micro hinges that are press-formed into an ultra-thin stainless steel frame, creating an ultra-minimal construction design that is incredibly small and durable. The hinges also have an inherent springiness, so they won't come loose over time.
Close up shot - Details of ROAV Sunglass Folding Techlology

Problem with our normal eyewear
Repetitive opening and closing of the frame’s arms will cause the screws holding the parts together to loosen. We would have to tighten it occasionally, or the arms would just fall apart.

Imagine that happening with every single hinge of your sunglasses.
Wouldn’t your shades be screwed? The team here at ROAVs recognise this problem and we’re here to reinvent folding sunglasses to make it even more functional than just the idea of it.
Yes. Thanks to our screw-less micro hinges, our sunglasses are also stretchable.

And perhaps you might think -  Lightness = Weakness?
No. You are so wrong.
Lightweight ROAV Weightless Sunglass
Even though these weigh under 20g - so light that you almost don’t feel the weight of it when you have them on, our frames are made from super-strength stainless steel so strong that its frames are almost impossible to break. 

It is also coated with an ion scratch-proof coating - a vapour deposition process to ensure a consistent finish that will last through the years. 

All the technologies to make ROAV functional, durable, light and lasting so you can bid goodbye to:
    • Painful pressure marks on nose bridge
    • The constant slipping of heavy sunglasses down the nose.
For those with lower nose bridge
We understand that fit can be a frustrating issue when purchasing eyewear, especially for customers with a lower nose bridge. To counter this, we have designed comfortable nose pads that are easily changed away to a bigger piece for a more flexible adjustment to fit everyone!

Nose Pads of Different Sizes

What you will receive in the package is an additional larger sized nose pad in your package!

Folding Technology
The typical foldable sunglasses only fold in one dimension - inwards. If you think about it, the final form still tends to be a little thick. You risk misaligning your frame’s arms if you press them too hard to compress them further.

Folded down ROAV Foldable Sunglass

The ROAVs however, fold downwards under themselves, putting them along the same vertical plane, minimising the risk of overcompression and misalignment of the arm. With our folding technology, the arms are now protected by the width of the lens, allowing the ROAVs to fold down to 8mm thick - that’s thinner than an iPhone 11!

ROAV Foldable Sunglasses Compared with iPhone
“Why did no other manufacturer think of this genius invention earlier?”
Now of course with all the technology, ROAVs are engineered to fit in the tightest of pockets or slot into the slimmest of purses.

ROAV Sunglass Fitting in Pockets

We tested a couple of times on our own and we promise - Having a ROAV in your pocket does not hinder your day to day movements in any way! We even tried fitting 6 pcs of folded ROAVs in our pocket but maybe someone could do more? 

ROAV Foldable Sunglasses with Sleeve
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