About ROAV

(1) Thinner than An iPhone Once Folded

ROAV builds the world’s thinnest folding sunglasses. Only 8mm, the ROAV is fully pocketable. It is so thin, you won't feel a thing.

(2) Astonishingly Durable

Our patented micro hinges are the most advanced eyewear hinge ever developed. Ultra-durable, screw-free and spring loaded, they are press-formed into a thin but strong stainless steel frame.

Unlike traditional eyewear hinges that use soldered or riveted hinges prone to damage, the ROAV has less points of vulnerability.

(3) Super Lightweight

At less than 20g, the ROAV feels as light as a feather on your face.

(4) Full Protection

ROAV only uses the best quality polarised lenses.

ROAV lenses fully protect your eyes against both harmful UVA & UVB rays.